The artisans: Tahirih and gabriel

Tahirih and Gabriel live together on Galiano Island, off the West Coast of Canada, in an inspiring setting of arbutus and giant firs, ocean waves, rocky shores and shell-strewn beaches.

Solomon Rose jewellery began in 2003, when Gabriel, a carpenter and artisan by calling, recycled some small off-cuts from the workshop to fashion a delicate pair of earrings for Tahirih. What originated as a whimsical gift has grown into a line of jewellery that transforms the wonders of nature's work into an array of lightweight, colourful and sophisticated pieces that enhance the finest features of those who wear them.

Tahirih and Gabriel share all aspects of Solomon Rose Design, from the development of an idea to the final crafting of a piece, and the marketing and display of their creations at craft fairs throughout North America.